The luxury real estate market will maintain a moderate upward trend next year

According to Expansion media, which mentions our Villa Amapura, experts expect prices in the luxury real estate market to continue a moderate upward trend, especially in large cities and in newly built homes..

Stock markets are currently experiencing high volatility. As a result, many investors have decided to take some of their money out of the stock market and put it into safer investments. Leaving the money in a bank account is not a good option. According to INE data, inflation was 7.3% in October. Therefore, purchasing power decreases if the money does not yield. In addition, banks charge their customers 0.5% of the accumulated savings if the sum exceeds 500,000 euros. In this context, luxury homes are more attractive as a safe haven. That is why demand in the luxury real estate market is increasingly high.

Everything indicates that it is a good time to buy a luxury home, with a few exceptions. Demand is strong, supply is scarce and, despite the rise in the Euribor, mortgage costs are still far from their historic highs. However, this trend is beginning to change. In short, we can confirm that there are currently good opportunities to buy a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol and its surroundings.

Villa Amapura, is an incredible and impeccable residential property for those who value a good lifestyle, with an excellent location and a home that offers the best features which makes this project a unique investment opportunity.

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