Our 2022-2024 General Sustainability Strategy consists of nine strategic lines, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to promote the Company’s Business Plan through differential actions for the business and stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a strategic pillar of the performance and business success of Otero group. All areas and businesses of the company work together, under the leadership of the management team, to maintain profitable and sustainable development that allows us to improve the quality of life of our customers and society as a whole, and generate a positive social impact. . We want to improve the future of real estate development through the development of sustainable and energy efficient projects that impact the environment as little as possible, with the commitment to maintain the highest levels of safety and health of our employees (direct and indirect) creating value for society, our customers, supply chain, investors and employees. 

Sustainability plan
The purpose of Otero group is to provide and facilitate a home to improve the prosperity and well-being of people, communities and the environment. Through all the actions collected here, the Otero Group intends to lead a change in the practices of our sector, with the objective of the sustainable development of our activity, minimising its impact on the environment, and contributing to the development of the fabric and business of the areas in which we are present, helping to find the most suitable housing for our clients and contributing especially to trying to reduce the difficulties of access to housing for many groups in Spain. For this reason, in addition to the publication of the Sustainability Report that we have been carrying out since our origins, our first commitment will be to publish this Action Plan and monitor each of the actions by publishing it in our Sustainability Report.

We build homes for tomorrow

Because the home of today will determine our home of tomorrow.

Our People and Communities

At Otero group we build homes, committing ourselves to the safety and health of people.

Our way of doing things

A way of acting that we complement with our commitment to innovation and sustainable financing.

Jan 9, 24

Neutrality and climate adaptation

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, focusing on construction, the use of homes and customer awareness.
Jan 9, 24
Jan 19, 24

Sustainable homes and client well-being

Position ourselves as a benchmark for customers in satisfaction and promotion of sustainable housing.
Jan 19, 24
Jan 15, 26

Sustainability of housing developments

Obtain sustainable building certifications or seals in 100% of new promotions.
Jan 15, 26

Social promoter and contributor to social development

Promote sustainable urban development, support for vulnerable groups, environmental conservation and emergency response.
Mar 23, 20

Responsible corporate governance and business ethics

Adopt the highest practices of corporate governance and business ethics.
Mar 23, 20
Responsible management

All areas and businesses of the company work together, under the leadership of the management team, to maintain profitable and sustainable development that allows us to improve the quality of life of our customers and society as a whole, and generate a positive social impact. To develop our Corporate Social Responsibility model, we analyse and integrate the needs of all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, the third sector…). Subsequently, we set action objectives that make it possible to cover their different needs, as well as contribute to social improvement and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The principles of action on which our responsible management is based are ethics and good governance, the development of talent, the creation of value for all our stakeholders, excellence in processes, a sound financial structure, diversification, profitable and sustainable growth and innovation. 


We are transparent:

We build trust every day by delivering on our promises, every time. We are responsible for our decisions and always work as a team and with the utmost integrity to ensure that we are making the right decisions at all times and in all cases.

We are agile

We are thoughtful and agile, continually challenging our ways of working to improve health and safety and productivity, eliminate waste and improve quality to make us more competitive.

We are experts and results oriented

Our teams are leaders. We are experts today and our purpose is to lead tomorrow. We invest in our internal and closest talent, developing their skills and knowledge, to develop a passionate and world-class workforce from all parts of our society.

We are sure

Safety is our license to operate. Nothing is more important than the health, safety and well-being of our employees and partners and the environments in which we operate. We are relentless and uncompromising in our commitment to achieving our “Zero Harm” goal.

We are sustainable

We leave a positive legacy for the people we work with, the communities we work in, and the world in which we operate. We want to improve our impact on the environment, working with our supply chain partners, customers and communities to ensure our choices are sustainable.

Corporate governance
CEO & Founder

Ruben Otero

Chief Strategy Officer

Javier Braza

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Director of Expansion and Planning

Oscar De Rivas